Nr.126 ended with: “As we walked to the hall where coffee and sandwiches were being served, we felt the first drops of rain, and it rained the rest of the day and the next. A miracle indeed……! To God be the glory!”

Yes, to God be the glory. And not only that, but the funeral had touched many hearts. I’m thinking of one woman who was so impressed, especially with Robert’s posture, that instead of mourning, he was rejoicing in the Lord. She lived in another town and when she got home she went to a friend to tell her about this, which later resulted in a home Bible study in that town and much later a new church, but more about that another time. We will first go back to Canada.

During the second half of June we had flown from Luxemburg to Iceland to New York, as that was the cheapest way to go at that time. At the airport in New York, Ollie Shantz, the brother who had brought us a new rented car after the first one had been wrecked in an accident close to Sault Ste Marie (see nr.107), and his wife Elsie came to pick us up. They had driven over 800 km the day before, stayed overnight in a motel and were now ready to take us to Ontario, where we would stay with dear friends on a farm not far from our home church. There were seven people in the car plus our entire luggage, but it was a big Chevrolet, so no problem, nice and cozy. 🙂

So now we were home “on furlough”, these days it’s called “home assignment”, as the word furlough gives the idea of a holiday and these times are no holidays at all. It means a lot of travelling to visit churches, supporters, friends and family, staying in different homes and moving around. Most missionaries are glad to get back to their mission field as there they live a more even paced life. And for many, the mission field becomes more “home” than the “home land.” In fact, many missionary children have an identity problem; ours too, “Are we Canadians or Belgians?” Some children have no problem with that but others do. So we need to pray for them. Besides that, we had a third “home” problem. Was “home” Belgium, or Ontario where our home church and many friends were, or the West where our girls were born and where Marina’s family lived……………?
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