A New Start


2014, a New Year, a new start. I’m having a go at blogging and making a simple website or blog. It will be partly in English but also in Dutch as we know many people on both sides of the ocean. I have been writing our life’s story on Facebook and also on two websites http://www.facebook.com/richardsmusings and http://www.facebook.com/richardsoverpeinzingen. But because a number of people think that because the word Facebook is in there, one has to be on Facebook to follow the story, which is not so, of course. So I started this website or blog, richardandmarina.net, which is very simple and easy recognizable. I’m writing “Our Story” in short episodes which can be read in 1 1/2 minutes each. It is best to start at nr.1 and follow the numbers as it is a continued story. I write at least one episode a week. Besides “Our Story” I will also post some sermons/messages, quotes and other items. Hope you enjoy this site, comments are welcome. Please be patient, I have never done this before and don’t be surprised when changes occur. A very happy New Year to all of you, with much of God’s blessing! Richard and Marina.

2014, een Nieuw Jaar, een nieuwe start. Ik ga beginnen bloggen en hoop een eenvoudige website of blog te kunnen maken. Het zal gedeeltelijk in het Engels en in het Nederlands zijn omdat wij veel mensen kennen aan beide zijden van de oceaan. Ik ben “Ons levensverhaal” aan het schrijven op Facebook en op twee webpages, http://www.facebook.com/richardsmusings en http://www.facebook.com/richardsoverpeinzingen. Maar omdat een aantal mensen denken dat je toch op Facebook moet zijn, omdat dat woord vernoemd wordt, hetgeen natuurlijk niet waar is, ben ik met een andere website or blog begonnen, richardandmarina.net, hetgeen heel eenvoudig en makkelijk te onthouden is. Ik schrijf “Ons Verhaal” in korte stukjes die in 1 1/2 minuut gelezen kunnen worden. Het is best te beginnen bij nr.1 en de nummers te volgen omdat het een vervolgverhaal is. Ik schrijf tenminste één episode per week. Samen met “Ons Levensverhaal”, ga ik ook boodschappen, citaten, en andere dingen posten. Ik hoop dat u van deze site zult genieten, opmerkingen zullen gewaardeerd worden. Wees a.u.b. geduldig, ik heb dit nog nooit eerder gedaan, en wees niet verrast als er dingen veranderen. Een heel gelukkig Nieuw Jaar voor u allen, met veel van Gods zegen. Richard en Marina.

Kerst 2016


Wat zegt Kerst ons?

  1. Dat de God die 400 jaar had gezwegen, geen profeet, geen dromen, geen visioenen, nu gespoken heeft, zie Hebr.1:1-2, “…..heeft Hij nu…..tot ons gesproken in de Zoon.”
  2. Dat de onzichtbare God, zichtbaar geworden is, zie Joh.14:9, “Wie Mij gezien heeft, heeft de Vader gezien.”
  3. Dat de onaantastbare God nu tastbaar is geworden, zie 1Joh.1:1-3, “….hetgeen wij aanschouwd hebben en onze handen getast hebben.”
  4. Dat de God die zo hoog verheven was, nu een van ons is geworden, zie Joh.1:14, “Het Woord is vlees geworden en heeft onder ons gewoond.”
  5. Dat de God die zo ver af was, zo dichtbij gekomen is.
  6. Dat de God die heilig is, zonde (niet zondig) geworden is, zodat wij heilig zouden worden, zie 2Kor.5:21, “Hem die geen zonde gekend heeft, heeft Hij voor ons tot zonde (niet zondig) gemaakt, opdat wij zouden worden gerechtigheid Gods in Hem.”

Christmas 2016


What does Christmas tell us?

  1. That the God who had been silent for 400 years, no prophets, no dreams, no visions,   has spoken, loud and clear, see Heb.1:1-2, “God….. has spoken to us by His Son.”
  2. That the God who had been invisible, had now become visible, see John 14:9, “He who has seen Me, has seen the Father.”
  3. That the God who had been untouchable, now became touchable, see 1John 1:1-3,          “…we have looked upon and our hands have handled.”
  4. That the God who had been God far above, had come down to became one of us, see John 1:14, “And the Word became flesh and dwelt among us.”
  5. That the God who had been so distant, became so near.
  6. That the God who is holy, became sin, though not sinful, that we might become holy. 2Cor.5:21, “For He made Him who knew no sin to be sin for us, that we might become  the righteousness of God in Him.”

Christmas and New Year.


To all our relatives and friends in North America, Europe, Africa and other parts of the world, a very Blessed (merry) Christmas and a glorious and happy New Year, with much of God’s presence, peace and power. May you all truly experience His great and glorious blessings, so that in turn you may glorify Him, who alone is worthy to be praised. Richard and Marina.


Kerst en Nieuw Jaar.


Al onze familieleden en vrienden in Noord Amerika, Europa, Afrika en andere delen van de wereld, wensen wij een gezegende Kerst en een heel gelukkig en voorspoedig Nieuw Jaar, met veel van Gods vrede en vreugde. Mogen jullie allen Zijn glorieuze zegen ervaren zodat jullie Hem, die alleen waardig is om geprezen te worden,  mogen verheerlijken.

Richard en Marina.



2000 jaar geleden was er een man in het Midden Oosten die zei dat als je je zondigheid toegaf en in Hem geloofde, Hij je Gods Geest zou geven, wat je leven drastisch zou veranderen. En jawel hoor, 56 jaar geleden, in 1962, beleed ik mijn zondigheid, geloofde in Hem en ontving Gods Geest, hetgeen mijn leven werkelijk zo drastisch veranderde dat het nooit meer hetzelfde is geweest. En zie nu toch eens, ik heb sindsdien ontdekt dat er over de gehele wereld miljoenen en nog eens miljoenen mensen zijn die dezelfde ervaring hebben gehad door te geloven in die Man uit Galilea. En zij en ik getuigen nu van de waarheid en echtheid van Zijn woorden. Wonderlijk, niet waar?



2000 years ago, a Man in the Middle East said that if you were to acknowledge your sinfulness and believe in Him, He would give you God’s Spirit and your life would be drastically changed. Sure enough, 56 years ago, in 1962, I acknowledged my sinfulness and believed in Him, and I received God’s Spirit and indeed my life was drastically changed and has never been the same. And lo and behold, I have since discovered that millions upon millions of people, all over the world have had the same experience by believing on that Man of Galilee. And they and I, all of us are witnesses of the truth of His words. Amazing, isn’t?

MUSINGS OF AN “OLDER” MAN”. Nr.200. (The End).


Nr.199 ended with: “Next week will be episode 200 and the last one for the time being………..!” (See richardandmarina.net).

Yes, this will be the last episode of “Musings.” I started writing in February of  2013 and I began with this, “My wife and I were just married 50 years (in September 2012) and we have been serving the Lord together for all those years. We would like to share some of our experiences and answers to prayer with the purpose of showing that God is really real!”

So, how did we experience that God is really real? We have found it in His very real guidance, showing us when and where to move to. Also in the way He provided for us all these years, so often in miraculous ways. We have felt His presence and peace. And as the Word was preached, we have seen Him working in the hearts and lives of people, many becoming born again Christians, many lives and marriages being changed, just wonderful. In Bible studies, prayer meetings, church meetings, and conferences all over Europe, we have experienced the powerful working of His Spirit and we have been filled with the joy of the Lord. Oh yes, God is real indeed!

We would like to thank the Christians in Belgium for the joy they have brought to our hearts, how we miss them. We had expected to make a trip to Belgium by now, but due to poor health, this has not been possible. But we keep in touch by phone, Facebook and email. You are very dear to us.

We also want to take the opportunity here to thank the believers of our home church for all the years they have stood with us. And also other churches and Christians who have prayed for us and supported us financially. God has done great things in Belgium and Europe and this has been because of the teamwork of those going and others staying and supporting.

And we want to make mention that in all our comings and goings, and moving from place to place as God led us, our daughters Rosa, Lily and Renee were part of our work, helping in new Sunday schools, Bible clubs, camps and other activities. We are so thankful that all three know the Lord. Rosa lives across the road from us in her own apartment. Lily and her husband Bart are at present in South Africa for one year, after which they will return to Belgium. Their two oldest daughters are both married to Englishmen and the second daughter Kaat is expecting her first child in October of this year, 2016. The youngest daughter, Hanne is living in England too and continues her theological studies. Our youngest daughter Renee lives here in Elmira and works with mentally challenged people. The last time we were all together as a family was our 50th wedding anniversary in 2012.

And now I must close. We could have written so much more, but……..! I plan to continue to write stories and articles on Facebook and on our Blog, http://www.richardandmarina.net. When you go there and click on “Follow” you will get my next article in your email inbox.

A last thank you to all our readers and especially those who have sent us meaningful words and comments. May God bless you all.

Richard and Marina.

P.S. Your HONEST opinion, would it be worthwhile to put this, with some necessary changes of course, into book format? (rhaverkamp7@gmail.com)