A sincere and heartfelt THANK YOU to all those who have responded to my request for prayer. It has been so uplifting to see how many friends we have and are standing with us. Thank you for all the good and encouraging comments. We are trusting God to carry us through, or as the Psalmist says, “He will be our guide, even unto death.” Thank you again and God be with you and bless and keep you, until we meet at Jesus’ feet, and what a day that will be. Hallelujah.



ASKING FOR PRAYER. Last week I mentioned Marina not being well. Some are wondering what is wrong with her. Marina has Alzheimer’s Disease, the most common type of dementia, for which there is no cure. AD changes the brain and causes severe memory loss, confusion and other symptoms, see Google. Marina did not want people to know this as there is a stigma around mental health. However, this mentality has been changing, thank God. In any given year, here in Canada one out of every five has mental problems, and one out of three older than 65. I have told my dear wife that just as some have heart problems, other have problems with their brain. This is no fault of her. She is very weak and warn out and gets discouraged and depressed. That’s why I am asking my friends to pray for us, for strength and peace. We continue to rejoice in the Lord and have a fantastic future, but we need strength for the last stretch of the road. This is really serious, I have dealt with lots of problems during my life and ministry, but this tops it all, please pray. Thank you to those who have been praying for us.

God’s grace is sufficient.


People have asked how we are doing, seeing Marina’s condition and my continual hip pain, especially when walking and standing in the kitchen making a meal, and also at night disturbing my sleep. I do not want to boast, no, but yes, I do want to boast, not in myself, but in the grace of God. It is truly as the hymn writer wrote, “He giveth more grace when the burdens grow greater, He sendeth more strength when the labors increase; to added affliction He addeth His mercy; to multiplied trials, His multiplied peace.” I say, yes, amen, and I want to encourage everyone who is having serious problems because of Covid-19, or who is ill and/or in pain, or has other difficulties, trust God and keep your eyes on Him. One of my most favorite texts is Is.26:3, “You will keep him in perfect peace, whose mind (thinking) is stayed on You.” Marina and I sing every day, “One day at a time, dear Jesus, that’s all we’re asking you.” And sometimes it’s just one moment at a time. So, my dear friends, keep the faith, soon the Lord is coming, hallelujah. (2Corintiens 12:9).

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Today’s smile:


In a previous post I mentioned that Marina is not well. Today at noon she had some pain and said, “What’s this going to be like when I get old!” She’s 84. 🙂. We had a good chuckle together.

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Great Joy


The apostle Paul writes to the Thessalonians, “For what is our hope, or joy, or crown of rejoicing? Is it not even you in the presence of our Lord Jesus Christ at His coming? For you are our glory and joy.” 1Thess.2:19-20. I fully understand Paul’s feelings. At times I get an email or message from someone in Belgium who became a Christian through the ministry God had given us, and who is still continuing on with the Lord. There truly is no greater joy than to hear of their steadfast faith in and love for God. I thank God for them. What a time of rejoicing there will be in heaven when we all together meet at Jesus feet, hallelujah.

Grote Vreugde


De apostel Paul schrijft aan de Thessalonicenzen, ““Want wie is onze hoop of blijdschap of erekrans voor onze Here Jezus bij zijn komst, wie anders dan gij? Ja, gij zijt onze eer en blijdschap.” 1Thess.2:19-20. Ik begrijp de gevoelens van Paul volledig. Soms krijg ik een e-mail of bericht van iemand in België die christen is geworden door de bediening die God ons had gegeven, en die nog steeds doorgaat met de Heer. Er is werkelijk geen grotere vreugde dan te horen over hun standvastig geloof in en liefde voor God. Ik dank God voor hen. Wat een tijd van vreugde zal er in de hemel zijn als we allemaal samen aan Jezus voeten komen, halleluja.

“Teleurgesteld in Jezus.”


Mededeling voor al mijn Nederlandstalige vrienden. Komende zondag, 22 november, om 10u Belgische tijd komt mijn 6de boodschap op YouTube. Het onderwerp is “Teleurgesteld in Jezus.” Toepasselijk voor deze tijd, geef het door aan anderen. Ik bid dat u opgebouwd en gesterkt zult worden. Groeten en Gods zegen toegewenst.

Nieuwe boodschap.


Bericht voor alle Nederlands sprekende mensen: Zondag,16 augustus, om 10u Belgische tijd, komt mijn vierde boodschap op YouTube. Ga naar YouTube en type in mijn naam of klik op deze link. Ik zou willen vragen om deze video te delen met uw FB vrienden, zodat we zoveel mogelijk mensen kunnen bemoedigen en misschien ook sommigen kunnen aanraken die de Heer niet persoonlijk kennen. Laat ons samenwerken om Gods woord bekend te maken. Blessings.

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