The God Who is real.


YES, the books have arrived. Now we can start distributing them. Anyone who would like one, send me an email with your name and address and I will mail you one, or more. The price of the book is $18.00, while in the stores it will be at least $22.50 plus tax and shipping, and watch out for the shipping, I know of one store which has a low book price but charges $13.49 for shipping. The post office told me today that sending a book within Canada will be $4.70 plus tax, which brings it to $5.31. I am quite willing to pay half of the shipping costs. You can pay me either with a cheque or per email. Ask your bank about that or go to Google or YouTube and type in ‘transferring money by email.’ I’m looking forward to hearing from many of you and sharing with you that God is really real. The book could be a nice Christmas present for someone.

Book Cover. 08-30-2017