Nr.125 ended with: “The next morning I woke up hearing the rain coming down and as I drove to Peer, it rained almost all the way………!” (See

Yes, it rained, like a real two or three day Belgian rain. I cried out to the Lord, “All these people who have to stand outside, Lord please, You are the God of Creation, the God of miracles, the God who parted the Red Sea for the Israelites to pass through, the God who stilled the storm on the lake, You are able to do something about this too. This funeral is for your glory.” As I came close to Peer, the rain started letting up, and as I drove into Peer, believe me or not, witnesses enough, the clouds parted, I saw some blue sky and sunrays! And from that moment until shortly after 12 o’clock it was beautiful dry weather with some clouds and sun, while all around Peer it rained. The doctor’s wife, Ingrid, remarked later, “This was the greatest miracle of the day.”

The service started at 10 am, with about 100 people in the living room, the sliding doors wide open and many more folk standing outside on the lawn. There was a microphone and loud speakers, so that even the neighbors across the road could hear what was happening. There was some singing, some Scripture readings, even Robert read a text and spoke briefly, amazing! Then I preached explaining the gospel and telling the people what Miriam had told me to tell them, that she was now in heaven with Jesus. You could hear a pin drop.

We closed the service with prayer and then a number of the men from our church carried the simple wooden coffin with a white sheet and a green cross on it to the cemetery. Many people followed and all along the route people stood watching, it was very moving. This was the first time in the history of this very traditional Catholic Peer that something like this took place. One of the Christians overheard someone saying, “Look at that, you would think a general was being buried.” What a testimony! Later some people came to know the Lord because of this funeral. At the grave we read a scripture, thanked God that Miriam was with Him and asked again for strength and comfort for the family.

As we walked to the hall where coffee and sandwiches were being served, we felt the first drops of rain, and it rained the rest of the day, and the next. A miracle indeed……! To God be the glory! (Go to Musings).

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