Nr.124 ended with: “As we talked about this, we were both quite moved and excited and I said to her, “Oh Miriam, this is really going to be something, I wish you could be there.” She laughed out loud………!” (See

Startled, I looked at her and she laughed again and said, “But Richard, I AM going to be there!” Imagine a 7 months old Christian talking like that, amazing! Doesn’t it show the reality of the living God? Then I also laughed realizing that here was someone ready to meet her Lord and Savior. Inwardly I was just praising God for this miracle of grace and thanking Him to allow me to be a witness of the work of His Spirit. I left the house that day with great joy in my heart, as a fairly young woman was ready to leave this earth, and a husband who had just been born into God’s family and kingdom. A wife loosing temporary life and her husband gaining eternal life! It wasn’t much later until we said goodbye and we left for Canada. I will talk about our time there later, let me just continue with this.

On the first Sunday of September I was preaching for the last time in our home church in Canada, as we would be returning to Belgium about 1½ weeks later. While I was speaking, someone walked up to me and handed me a note. I opened it and read these words, “Call Belgium as soon as possible.” I knew what this meant and explained to the congregation what was going on. Right after the meeting we went back to the place we were staying and I called Belgium. Yes, Miriam had passed into glory, could I come as quickly as possible?

A flight was booked for Monday evening and I arrived in Belgium Tuesday morning. I was picked up and we drove straight to Peer where I met Robert and we hugged each other. He was very positive as the Lord gave him strength. Everything was planned for the funeral the next day. So after having talked and prayed I was brought home. Marina and the children would come on their own the next week. I had quite a few things to do and also prepare for the next day, going over my sermon notes, which I had been preparing along the way. I went to bed exhausted as I had not been able to sleep on the plane the night before. I fell asleep thinking about the funeral service and the fact that most people would be standing outside. The next morning I woke up hearing the rain coming down and as I drove to Peer, it rained almost all the way………! (Go to Musings).

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