Nr.122 ended with: “Robert had been told by a doctor that his wife did not have long to live, so when Miriam asked him whether the Bible studies could be held in their home, what could he say……?” (See

And so every Wednesday evening about 30 or more people sat in their living room, all with Bibles in their hands or on their knees. Robert attended the studies too, I think out of politeness. As time went on and Miriam got weaker, she was no longer able to sit up as the cancer was in her back and she was not able to attend the Sunday morning services anymore. She again turned to her husband and asked whether the Sunday meetings could not be held in their living room, which was quite large. And again, knowing his wife’s condition, what could he say?

And so, every Sunday between 30 and 40 adults were sitting around a table in the middle of their living room with a loaf of bread and a glass of wine on it. The children would meet for Sunday school elsewhere. There would be singing, reading of scripture portions and thanksgiving, after which the bread was broken and past around, as also the cup. This was followed by a brief message. It was all very simple, but very beautiful. I wondered what went on in Robert’s heart and mind.

Because of Miriam’s inability to function as mother and housekeeper, the Christians looked after everything, from making meals for the family, cleaning the house, doing the wash and so on. They tried to comfort the children who were in their teenage years and served Miriam in whatever she was in need of. Of course, Robert was quite surprised and moved by all this and his attitude changed.

Marina and I and our children were going to Canada for 2½ months of furlough from June until September. Getting close to our departure time I visited Miriam everyday, reading the Bible with her, praying and talking. One day I came into the house through the back door and greeted Robert who was drinking coffee in the kitchen. I walked right on to the living room where Miriam was lying on a bed. After having spent time with her I returned to the kitchen, and Robert, with eyes wide open asked me, “Well, did she tell you…….?

P.S. I hope you didn’t miss 122, I posted it on Tuesday, with this: P.S. I may start writing two episodes a week, so watch for the next one. They may become a bit longer too; otherwise it may take another 100 years to get done. 🙂 (Go to Musings).

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