Nr.128 ended with: “So far, ’76 had been an eventful year, but there was more to come…!”(See

From Alberta we returned to Marina’s parent’s farm and stayed there for a brief time; our girls had a great time with their grandparents, whom they would not be seeing again for several years. We then returned to South Western Ontario. Before going back to Belgium, I went back to the garage where I had earlier bought a Ford for $1,500.00. We drove it many thousands of km without any problems except to put on some new tires. The garage bought the car back for $1,200.00, talk about another little miracle, praise God!

As mentioned in the previous episode, I returned to Belgium about 1½ weeks before our return date, to officiate at Miriam’s funeral. Marina and our three girls came later, and what a time they had. Because of the long drive to New York, we had been able to change their tickets so they could fly from Buffalo to New York and to Belgium. But a short while before leaving, our youngest daughter Rini (Dutch spelling) was visiting with Dutch friends who had some wooden shoes sitting around. Rini wanted to try them out, and fell, spraining her ankle. So she had to be in a wheel chair at the airports, but she didn’t mind being pushed around and, in spite of pain, had a ball! 🙂

There were several Bible studies going in Limburg and one of them in Peer grew so much that we had to split it and so another study was started with a group of people in Overpelt, this was in the Spring of 1976. The work there kept growing and a few years later a church was started, which is still going and growing, praise the Lord!

I mentioned in a previous episode that a woman who had been at Miriam’s funeral went home to a place called Lommel. She immediately drove to a friend (let’s call her Bea) to tell her about this, and also that she had invited Robert and myself to her home. Bea was very interested and asked whether she could come and meet us. When we were together, she told me that she already had accepted Jesus in her heart. When I heard that I challenged her to open her home for a weekly Bible study…………..! (Go to Musings).

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  1. Marilyn And Brian Mitchell

    Loving your story telling style Richard, and that younare submitting two every week. Marilyn Mitchell

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