Nr.137 ended with: “And then there were the camps, and the conferences…………! (See

Marina has always had a passion for children. In Canada she was Child Evangelism director in SW Sask. and held Bible clubs in different towns and taught others to do this. In Belgium she organized the Sunday schools of some of the new churches, teaching and also training others to teach. Of course, a camp had to be started and we soon did this after getting established in Belgium. We began with a one week summer camp for children and youth and when we left Belgium in 2009, it had grown to three camps for children, two for younger youth and one for older youth. However in Belgium there were no nice lake front camping places with cabins like in Canada, we continually had to look for places and we used all kinds of buildings and/or tents. We have had camps in many different places, too many to name them all, but through the years they have really been used of God and many have come to know the Lord there or have had a fresh touch from God.

I have always been a real proponent of conferences and so is the Lord, I believe. Look at all the Jewish feasts in the Bible, times when God’s people would get together. We gathered the young Christians together at our baptism services, at picnics and then we started holding conferences, usually using the Belgium Bible College building. We have held Sunday school and women’s conferences, as well as men’s days, and the very much blessed family conferences, and these times were real feasts.

One of those conferences caused us to choose a name for our churches. From the beginning we did not want a name; we didn’t want to become another denomination. But one Saturday we came to the College for a one day conference, while the BEZ (Belgium Gospel Mission) was also holding a special day. There was a sign with an arrow pointing to the right and the words “BEZ Meeting.” There was another sign pointing to the left which said “Haverkamp Churches Conference.” That did it. I was not at all happy with that name and so after prayer and discussion we decided to call our assemblies Evangelische Christengemeenten Vlaanderen (ECV. Evangelical Churches of Flanders).

And then there was a conference in Switzerland…………….! (Go to Musings).

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