Nr.134 ended with: “I would be back in France at least 10 more times in the years to come. Later this year I would also be in Sweden, but now it was back to Belgium, where exciting things were happening………….!” (See

Yes, back to Lovendegem where people kept coming. New ones came as relatives witnessed to them. So did I get to go to the home of Guido and Marianne Dekegel (real names) on a Wednesday evening in April 1977, after Marianne’s mother had become a true born again Christian and kept asking her daughter and son in law to have me come and visit them. They finally agreed and we had a wonderful evening together. Guido had been to two Catholic boarding schools and the very negative religious experiences there had turned him off as far as God was concerned. However, after explaining the Bible and the true gospel to them, they both accepted the Lord after I had left the house. No one knew at that time that sometime in the future Guido would become a wonderful full-time worker, which is why I use their real names.

But not all who were contacted, visited or came to the study became Christians. So was there one elderly neighbor lady, who came to a Friday night study. She was in the eyes of many “Lovendegem’s newspaper”, as she always seem to know everything about everybody and made sure that everybody else got to know it. I was going through Romans one and two. When I was finished, she just called out spontaneously, “That’s the truth mister, that is really the truth. I’m coming back next week and bringing my friends along.” She never came again! She had not lived a very moral life and now she was faced with the truth. She realized that knowing the truth, she either had to change her ways, or reject the truth, which she did, how sad! How true this is, there is no in between, we accept the truth, we accept Jesus, or we reject Him, there is no middle ground. As Jesus Himself said, “He that is not with Me is against Me” Matt.12:30. Guido and Marianne heard the truth and accepted it, this dear lady heard it too, and rejected it. What are you doing with the truth, what are you doing with Jesus………..? (Go to Musings).

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