Nr.133 ended with: “So now there were four churches, Antwerp, Beerse, Peer and Koersel, and a fifth one would be started soon, and that all in five years, the Holy Spirit was moving, amazing…………!” (See

Yes indeed, amazing, and yes indeed, it was the moving of God’s Spirit, certainly not our work, we were just the instruments He used at that time, and what a great privilege to be used by Him. It was really something for a European Catholic country to see people converted almost every week. And we saw this happening in East Flanders too. Lovendegem was the name of the town we had moved to, about 20 minutes drive NE of Ghent. The Bible study at Luc and An’s place was moved to our house. Those attending had friends and relatives who became interested and I visited some in their homes. Several started coming to the Friday evening study and conversions took place at a rapid pace so that by summer we had some 60 adults and children in our living room. After singing together, Marina would take the children to another room and teach them, while I would give the Bible study.

The word of God’s blessing spread and I was asked by OM (Operation Mobilization) to speak at a workers conference in France, in the Château de St. Albain (close to Macon). The other speaker was a wonderful servant of God, Ralph Shallis, who died in May 1995. He had been a missionary and lecturer in North Africa and France. We had a great time encouraging the workers, some of whom were quite discouraged as France, like other European Catholic countries, is very difficult and not open to the gospel.

They wanted to know what we did to see such conversions and such church growth. They asked what our “secret” was. Of course, we did not have any “secret”, just a lot of prayer, enthusiasm, love for the people and home Bible studies where we preached and taught the word of God. It would take an epistle to explain everything and I may come back to this later.

I believe many of these dear folk went home encouraged, ready to put into practise what they had heard. There would be many more conferences like this. I would be back in France at least 10 more times in the years to come. Later this year I would also be in Sweden, but now it was back to Belgium, where exciting things were happening………….! (Go to Musings).

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