Nr.131 ended with: “All kinds of questions arose, but we talked with the Gelling’s in Peer and we made it a matter of prayer and sought the Lord for His guidance. And then it became clear to us what we were to do……..!” (See

No, we did not have a note with directions dropping from heaven; neither did I hear a voice in the back of our car, like the time the Lord showed us to move from Beerse to Koersel in Limburg. I have mentioned before that we usually go by three signposts, 1. What does the Word of God say, generally and/or specifically? 2. What is the inward witness of the Spirit? 3. What about the circumstances? The Word in general was clear, “Go preach the gospel to everyone,” and other such texts. The inner witness of the Spirit was there urging us to go into new area’s to start churches. The circumstances were clear; there was a real need in East Flanders and a call for help. And so, as we continued to pray for the Lord to guide us, we began preparing to move during the Christmas holidays, after having been in Koersel for two years.

Until then we continued with our ministry in Limburg and every Friday we would drive to East Flanders, have our meeting, stay overnight and then spend most of Saturday working on the house. We received help from a number of young Christians and even some from the Antwerp church came to help. It was amazing how rapidly the house was fixed up as at the same time we had good times of fellowship with these young Christians. We would return to Koersel in time to have a Bible study in our home on Saturday evening, while Marina had a Bible club with the children in another room. On Sunday mornings we would drive to either Beerse or Peer for the Lord’s Supper and Sunday school. I continued with a number of home Bible studies and people kept coming and bringing others who had become curious because of the change they saw in the young believers and their enthusiasm for the Word of God.

Time went on and the day of our move arrived. I got out of bed that morning to get dressed and ready for the truck to come, but then all at once doubt arose, real doubt, are we really doing the right thing? Are we really sure this is the will of God? I almost panicked. Have you ever had that, it’s like a dark, black cloud coming over you. What to do? Who to turn to? Well, there was only one sensible thing to do, I grabbed my Bible and started reading where I had left off the day before……..….! (Go to Musings).

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