Nr.130 ended with: “However, before all this happened, a call had come from the other side of Belgium…….!” (See

My first Canadian co-worker, together with whom I had started the first church in Antwerp, left the Lord’s work in 1976. After some time, he and his wife returned to Canada and both are now with the Lord. We had a couple of good years together and our two families would get together every Wednesday afternoon when the kids didn’t have school. We would play a game and then have good Belgian French fries together. Our girls have great memories of those times.

While I started working eastward from Antwerp and moved away to Beerse, my co-worker went westward and started a Bible study in a town northeast of Ghent in the province of East Flanders. So when he left the work, the couple in who’s home the study was held, I’ll call them Luc and An, contacted me and asked whether I could come to continue the study. It was a long drive, between 1½ and 2 hours, depending on the traffic. However, after praying about it, we consented, and so during the Fall of ’76, every Friday after school, we would make the drive with the children coming along. I would teach the Bible study and Marina had a number of children in a separate room and used her accordion to sing with them and then tell them Bible stories. We would stay overnight with Luc and An as the study went on late into the night. The children would be in bed by the time we finished the evening.

However, my co-worker had been so sure of the Lord’s leading in regards to that study and a new work in that area, that he had already rented a house in a town close by, to move into in time to come. But the house had been used by a biker gang, the Hell’s Angels and was now in terrible condition. The question was now put to us, would we be willing to move and take over the rent contract of that house to start up a new work here? A lot of work had to be done to the house and how would we do that from so far away? Could we leave the work in Limburg? All kinds of questions arose, but we talked with the Gelling’s in Peer and we made it a matter of prayer and sought the Lord for His guidance. And then it became clear to us what we were to do……..! (Go to Musings).

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