Nr.120 ended with: “Then again, very carefully, I asked, “but what about the beer glasses and the smoke…………?” (See

To be honest, I was a bit nervous, as these were the elders of our home church which was partly supporting us. However, I soon let out a sigh of relief when I saw their smiles and heard them say, “Oh Richard, don’t worry about that, give these young believers time. There is no doubt in our minds that we are seeing a genuine work of the Spirit of God here and we are so happy with that.” What an encouraging words; inwardly I praised the Lord for such spiritual men who recognized a work of God. Sometime later they returned to Canada and reported to the church what they had seen and heard and there was much rejoicing and giving of thanks for the great things the Lord was doing in Belgium.

We are still in 1976 and I have to tell you about something that happened in Peer that was sad and at the same time wonderful. Towards the end of ’75 a woman in Peer had started coming to the Bible study, I will call her Miriam. She was married to someone, let’s call him Robert, who had an important position in one of the largest banks of Belgium. Miriam had cancer and was not well; she paid close attention to the teaching of God’s word and it didn’t take long before she accepted the Lord Jesus into her heart. A bit later she went along to Beerse on a Sunday afternoon to be baptized, what a joy! When she got home, her husband noticed her hair being wet and asked whether she had been swimming. She couldn’t lie and so told him the truth. He was shocked, being a good Catholic, at least in his own eyes, he did not approve of this “new faith” or “new religion”, as it was called. She asked whether he would be willing to have me come and explain things to him. He agreed to a visit, “but only this once” he emphasized. And so on one of the last days of December I sat in their living room…………………! (See Musings).

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