Nr.115 ended with: “Wonderful indeed, praise God! And a lot more wonderful things happened that year …….!

I hope you enjoyed reading the shortened version of the testimony of this doctor, I certainly did, but now, before going on with other wonderful things, I just want to add a few more sentences from his testimony. After telling more about his discovery he says:

“How was it possible that I had not “seen” this before? I did nevertheless have a decent Christian upbringing. I had daily gone to Mass until I was eighteen and even in Leuven, (the University City), I had gone to church every Sunday. I had heard passages from the Scriptures read and had read them myself. What then was different now? It was God’s Spirit who, through my new birth, was working in me.”

How true and important these words, they make me think of Jesus’ words, “Except a man be born again, he cannot “see” the kingdom of God.” I have many reasons for believing in God, one of them is the miracle of the new birth, it is just wonderful to see how people all at once “see” or understand spiritual things. I have to think of that one line in that beautiful hymn “Amazing Grace”, which goes like this, “Once I was blind, but now I see.” Can you say that, have your eyes been opened, are you born again? If not, why not go to Jesus right now and admit your sinfulness in God’s eyes and ask Christ to come into your heart? And you’ll “see” too and know exactly what we mean.

Some time later, the doctor’s wife Ingrid, also accepted Jesus in her heart and the two of them, together with others, were baptized in the mill in Beerse on June 22, 1975. Praise the Lord. Two days before that, on June 20, our new co-workers from Canada, Henk and Beryl Gelling with their 3 children arrived in Belgium and moved in with us. They came along to Beerse for the morning service and the wonderful and joyful baptism in the afternoon, quite the introduction to God’s work in Belgium! On August 15 they moved to a house they had rented in Peer, and guess for what that house was later on also used……? (Go to Musings).

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