News travels fast. I’ve heard that it is being said that Richard has stopped preaching. This is not entirely true. I have had a major set back in my health situation. In December I fell on the sidewalk due to black ice, and I fell very hard. That same day, our youngest daughter here had a heart attack in the evening. I hurt my hip and back pretty badly which resulted in a lot of sleepless nights due to pain. This lasted for 8 weeks and complete wore me out. I am so exhausted that after talking with one of my church leaders, I decided to stop all preaching engagements for 3 months. And because of my age and heart problems, I will probably preach only sporadically after that. I have sort of come to the end of my rope. I will have more time for correspondence and will continue to minister in other ways. I had a meeting with my church elders and they are 100% behind my decision, which I appreciate very much! I would value your prayers as it has been a very difficult decision to make for this preacher! And please pray for a complete recovery. Thank you.


  1. Marilyn And Brian Mitchell

    Dear Richard. We had not heard that you were no longer preaching at all, so this is news to us. We did know of your unfortunate fall on the ice. You have had a serious injury, that takes a long time for healing for a much younger person. You have made a wise descision in taking an extended period of time away from speaking engagements. As long as you are able to continue writing your musings, you are still inspiring many people in trusting in The Lord. Thank you for that.

  2. quiverfulof7

    Oh, Sir Richard, I’m sorry to hear of your health problems and your daughter’s! I’m praying for healing for both of you!  I’m so enjoying your memories on your blog. Thank you for doing that!  May God bless you and keep you, dear brother!  With much love in Christ,  Carol Juhlke  (from Scottlea Gospel Chapel in St. Catharines)

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