Nr.113 ended with: “And so the Biblical answers he received from me began to sprout and soon something wonderful would happen! I left their house at 2 am with joy and anticipation in my heart……!” (See

I feel I need to make something clear. When I speak of the Catholic Church, I’m talking about that Church in Belgium or Europe. There are differences between the Catholic Church in Europe, North America, Africa and other parts of the world. The Church in Europe is very liberal, while in Africa quite conservative and I think that the North American Church is somewhere in between. Also, when I talk about Catholic people I am not against them, to the contrary, I love them and I am very much for them, I spent much of my life seeking to teach them the Bible and free salvation through the finished work of Christ on the cross. I am however, upset with Catholic Church, especially in Belgium and Europe, for having kept people ignorant and in the dark for so long.

When we came to Belgium in 1971, we found that people did not have Bibles. In fact we met people who told us that they weren’t allowed to read the Bible because it was a “Protestant” book. Of course, the Church will deny that, but that is how people experienced it. Now, of course, things have changed and children in school are to have a Bible, as our daughters did when they attended a very Catholic school. But they are told right away that the Bible is full of myths and mistakes, so how can they trust that book? You should have seen how excited people became when they received a Bible for the first time in their lives and began reading it, and attending Bible studies where the Bible was taught. Many came to a personal knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ and were born again. They experienced real forgiveness and received peace. I could tell you story after story and it proved to me time and again that God’s Word has real power, power to save and change lives! What a joy we experienced time and again. Next time we’ll look at all the wonderful, except one, things that happened in 1975……..! (Go to Musings).


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