A mouse trap and the universe.

You may wonder, what does a mouse trap have to do with the universe? What is so amazing about that? Let me explain. When you have problems with a mouse or with mice in your house, you need a mousetrap, (see image). To have an effective mousetrap, three things are necessary, first, you need all five parts. When one part is missing, the trap won’t work. Secondly, all the parts need to be exactly in the right place. To have them just placed here and there makes the trap useless. Thirdly, an intelligence is needed to assemble the parts, so they are in the right place. What a simple, yet wonderful illustration of the universe and our planet earth. To have a livable planet, we need, just like with the mousetrap, three things. First, all the parts. We need planet earth, a sun, a moon, other planets, stars, and several other things. Secondly, we need these to be in the right place. For example, the distance between the sun and the earth needs to be just right, otherwise, the earth is not livable. And, the distance between the moon, which is exactly the in the correct position, and the sun and the earth must be just right. We need to have the earth in the right place in the universe, with the right size, with the right tilt, spinning with the right speed, and having the right combination of nitrogen and oxygen, plus small amounts of other gasses. Thirdly, we need an intelligence to put this all in place, just like with the mousetrap, or the earth will not be livable. Is it all in place? Is it all working? Is planet earth livable? Oh yes, it certainly is. ISN’T THIS AMAZING? Who was that Intelligence? Did everything after a so-called “Big Bang” come together, just right, by itself? Could the five parts of a mouse trap assemble themselves? Of course not. You see, that’s why I believe in an Intelligence, that’s why I believe in God and that’s why I worship Him.

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