Something amazing happened yesterday and today that I would really like to share with you as I know some of you are praying for me. Canadians know that we have a free health system, well, not really free because we pay for it through our taxes. However, it is nice to go to a doctor and not have to pay. But there are negative sides too and one is the long waiting periods, especially for hip and knee replacements, sometimes for over one year. The hip specialist wants me to have an MRI of my hip, which will help him find out what’s wrong with it. Two weeks ago, the MRI department informed me that I have an appointment on January 23 at 6.00 am, meaning in 6 weeks and leaving home between 4 and 4.30 am. Last week I phoned the specialist’s secretary and asked whether I couldn’t get in sooner, she answered, “no, this is the way the system works.” So, I talked to the Lord about it. This last Wednesday night, Dec.26, just before going to bed, I all at once got this sort of “happy feeling” inside and the word hospital came to my mind. I thought the Lord was saying, the hospital is going to contact you tomorrow morning and tell you to come in sooner. I waited the next morning, that was yesterday, but, no phone call. I thought, maybe I got it wrong and am I supposed to call the hospital, So I picked up my phone and called the MRI department, gave my name and the date of my appointment, and then asked whether there maybe had been a cancellation. “Just a moment”, the nice lady said, “I’ll check.” A few seconds later she said, “yes, there is an opening tomorrow morning at 9.30 am.” Wow, I thought I was going to fall off my chair. I have had other experiences like this and yet every time when this happens, I am surprised again. I left this morning at a more decent time, 7.30 am and had my MRI done, and I’m back home again, praise God. Now, this doesn’t happen all the time, I do not know why, I do know that God knows and has His reasons, so we just need to trust Him. If you want to read about more of these experiences and how real God is, get my book, “The God Who is real” either in English or Dutch.

Book Cover. 08-30-2017