“The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament shows His handiwork.” Psalm 19:1.

Have you ever looked at the insight of a clock or one of these modern-day watches? How fine and complex everything is? And all the little parts must be exactly in place, otherwise, the thing does not work. That’s the way it is with our universe and earth. The universe is extremely fine-tuned or designed. There are 122 constants, things that do not change,that are continues, eternal, persistent, unceasing and so on. (“I don’t have enough faith to be an atheist,” page 106). It is not possible to cover all these in this short article, let me just show you a few and I’ll come back to them in a later article. I just want to mention some that have to do with our planet.

Our earth is EXACTLY the right size. We are aware of the effects of reduced or increased gravity on the other planets in our solar system. There is either too much or too little. The earth is just the rightsize for its inhabitants. Because of this, water remains in a liquid state. Lesser gravity and the water would be lost to space due to the greater evaporation of cold water caused by lower atmospheric pressure.

The earth spins at EXACTLY the correct speed. The spin of the earth is ideal for producing day and night. Longer days would cause a greater warming-up effect and, conversely, longer nights — colder. A faster rate of spin would produce constant violent weather conditions.

Notice the EXACTLY correct orbit of the earth. It only varies slightly in its distance from the sun, causing relatively small variations in temperature. A more elliptical orbit (as some other planets have)would be devastating for life on Earth.

EXACTLY the perfect distance from the sun. If we were 10 percent closer to the sun, the earth would have furnace-like temperatures, and 10 percent farther away would produce icy deserts. Also, the oceans would boil off or freeze solid respectively so there could be no life as we know it.

And finally, EXACTLY the right construction of the earth offers a vast supply of resources, such as wood, metals, animals, plants, and a host of others that are useful for mankind. In addition, Earth has the right conditions to permit the formation and maintenance of the ozone layer in the atmosphere to protect us. It has a magnetic field which helps deflect harmful radiation from the sun. The magnetic field also aids navigation for man and beast. Our atmosphere is composed of just the right gases, unlike some of the noxious combinations found elsewhere in our solar system. In other words,everything is JUST RIGHT, isn’t that absolutely amazing!? Doesn’t that just thrill your heart?

 (Bates, Gary. Alien Intrusion (p. 113-114). Creation Book Publishers. Kindle Edition.)

Now, what does all this mean that everything is exactly right? To what conclusion do we come? It’s been designed that way. And every design has a designer. The universe and the earth have a highly complex design. Therefore, the universe has a Designer. As Antony Flew, the world’s most notorious atheist has said, “We must go where the evidence leads us, THERE IS A GOD.”

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