MUSINGS OF AN OLDER MAN. (Introduction).

CoverIt’s been more than two years since I wrote the last episode, number 200 of my “Musings.” These have been, as many of you will know, put into book form with the title, “The God Who is real.” It is still available on Amazon and Chapters, but I also have some left if you would like one. I want to start writing again. I recently read in Psalm 105, “Oh, give thanks to the Lord! Call upon His name; make known His deeds among the people! Sing unto Him, sing Psalms to Him; talk of all His wondrous works.” Ps.111:2, 4, “The works of the Lord are great; studied by all who have pleasure in them.” “He has made His wonderful works to be remembered.”

That’s exactly what I would like to do, “make known His deeds among the people,” and “talk of all His wondrous works.” “God’s works” are mentioned more than 40 times in the Psalms. And yes, how we need to be reminded of His great works. On the day of Pentecost, “We hear them speaking in our own tongues (languages) the wonderful works of God.” Acts 2. I want to write about ‘amazing’ things. I want to give examples from nature, from Christian experience, from science, etc. and hopefully these will thrill your heart. If you know of any, please pass them on to me. I don’t know how often I can post something, it will depend on my health situation. I hope that I will soon have the first posted. God bless you.