Nr.180 ended with, “We were happy to be back in the country to which the Lord had called us, but the enemy was not so happy and 1994 became quite the year, starting with a serious accident………..!” (See

At the beginning of February, coming from a prayer meeting, we were driving home on a three lane road on the outskirts of Ghent. It was miserable weather, with temperatures close to zero and some wet snow. There was quite a bit of traffic and we were going 50 km an hour in a long line of cars. Marina was reading a letter and I just looked over to see it, but as I turned my eyes back on the road I saw red brake lights right in front of me. I slammed on the brakes, but because of some snow or ice the car kept sliding and hit the one ahead of us quite hard. That car in turn hit the one in front of him, which hit the next car. That one had all at once decided to turn left, braked quite hard causing others to hit their brakes and a crash occurred. I felt awful, but the police was very nice and told me not to worry, things like that happen so quick. Besides, everyone was in the wrong, following too close. We had our safety belts on, but Marina was really hurting. We phoned friends who took us to the hospital where x-rays were taken and it showed a broken breast bone. Nothing could be done about it, it would have to heal on its own, it was quite painful for Marina for some time. We thanked God, as it could have all been much worse.

We continued with the ministry God had given us, thanking Him for the privilege of serving Him and seeing lives changed. We helped to build up the new church in Mariakerke, in the north part of Ghent, holding evangelistic Bible studies, helping elders and leaders in other assemblies, seeking to solve problems here and there, and so on. There was never a dull moment. After a very busy and stressful week in May, we drove to church on a Sunday morning, but having gone only a little ways, I told Marina that I needed some fresh air. I stopped the car and got out and did some deep breathing, which did not make me feel any better. I also started having a headache, so we turned around and went home and called the doctor, who came to our house, in Belgium doctors make house calls. He examined me and figured I was hyperventilating. He said to lie down and call him in an hour if things did not improve. And things did not improve, so he came back, wrote a note and told us to go to emergency…………..! (Go to Musings).

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