Nr.118 ended with: “And then we got company……….!” (See

Yes, wonderful company. Towards the end of 1975 Marina’s parents came to visit us, just great, especially for our children. We took them to see my parents in Holland as they had met in 1967 when my father and mother had come to Canada for a visit and we had taken them West. Having the grandparents look after our children made it possible for Marina and I to get away for a few much needed days of rest in a quiet place in Holland. We also drove Marina’s parents to Switzerland which was only a day’s drive from where we lived in Belgium. We stopped in at friends of Marina’s parents, members of the Janz Team, who were holding evangelistic meetings all over Germany, while living in the Black Forest area. These people had been members of Marina’s grandfather’s church in Saskatchewan. What a reunion! But as all good things come to an end, Mom and Dad returned to Canada and we continued with the work of the Lord in Belgium

A few months later we got company again, quite important company. Two elders and their wives from our home church in Canada came to visit us. They told us that they had been sent by our church to check up on us and to see whether it was really true what I was writing in our monthly letters to the church: that more people had become Christians, that we had another baptism or that a new Bible study or even a new church had been started. They had a hard time believing all that, but they soon discovered that it was all true and they were delighted! We visited our Antwerp church on a Sunday morning, where people were really participating in the service, in fact so much so that the elders did not even get a chance to get up and say something until at the end of the meeting. They were quite impressed! They also visited the church in Beerse and in Peer and again they were thrilled with what God was doing.

One night I took them to one of my home Bible studies, but as we entered the living room I was a bit shocked ……..! (Go to Musings).

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