Nr.95 ended with: “I went to the mill feeling excited that this was now ours. With a happy heart I walked into the building but became suddenly utterly shocked……!” (See

The times we had looked at the mill before had been nice days, or at least dry days, but today it was pouring rain. It seemed to come down with buckets. I parked the car and ran in so as to not get too wet. Once inside I looked around and could hardly believe what I saw, there was water almost everywhere. In the large hall there were small puddles, while water dripped from the ceiling. In the round room, the water was running down the walls. I went into the house and there the water wasn’t coming from above, but from below. Groundwater was slowly creeping up the walls. It all looked sickening! I walked around and took another look. My happiness was gone in no time and a terrible sadness and discouragement settled in. I had no desire to see anymore, left the building and drove home, in a very down mood, wondering whether we had made a mistake in renting this place.

Once home I told my wife about it and she was shocked too. I went upstairs to my study and sat down in sort of a daze. But then the thought came to take God’s word. I was reading in the Dutch Bible in Micah and came to chapter 2, where the last sentence of verse 12 hit me right on. It looked like it was written in bold, “Het zal er gonzen van mensen.” The English Bible says, ““The place will throng with people.” The Dutch word “Gonzen,” means “Buzz” or “Hum”, actually, like the sound one hears standing close to a beehive. I instinctively knew this was for me; this was God’s word for me at this time. You may wonder how I knew that, well I just knew, there was that inner witness of the Spirit. And sure enough, in the years to come this word would be fulfilled as hundreds of people again and again were present to see many, many new Christians baptized in that mill. But some strange things also happened at times at those baptisms……..! (Go to Musings).


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