Nr.92 ended with: “How is it with you, has there been a revolution in your heart?” (See

Besides the church in Antwerp, there were now also two weekly Bible studies, one in Beerse and one in a town about 8 km east. It was amazing how more and more people came to know the Lord, especially family members and friends of the people in the second study. Yet, we did not do any “evangelism” as it is usually done. We did not go from door to door; we did not have tent meetings or campaigns, except a couple film evenings. How then did people come? Through the ones who had come to know the Lord. Let me put it this way, the changed lives of the truly converted people drew the attention of others who then became interested. The most powerful testimony on earth and the most powerful witness is the changed life of a truly converted person, someone who has surrendered to the Lord Jesus and is filled with His Spirit and joy.

How does that come to pass? Through the power of the Word of God and the Spirit of God, who works in answer to prayer. My wife and I had been praying for years and I had also spent many, many hours with a friend praying. Besides that, we had a wonderful home church in Canada with many praying people. We also travelled through a large part of Canada, everywhere visiting churches and encouraging people to pray for our upcoming ministry in Europe. Once in Belgium we started preaching the Word of God and I discovered again the power of God’s Word, not only in meetings, but also in speaking personally to people. I remember visiting a Catholic lady and asking her whether she read the Bible. She said she didn’t but she prayed a lot all day. I showed her Proverbs 28:9, “One who turns away his ear from hearing (reading) the law (God’s word)), even his prayer is an abomination.” I said to her very quietly, “When you don’t read God’s word to listen to Him, He will not listen to you, in fact your prayers offend Him.” I saw her face turn white as the Holy Spirit pricked her heart…………..!. (Go to Musings).

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