Nr.86 ended with: “But the Bible says that this world is Satan’s territory and that he opposes the work of God and we experienced that too, but we never expected it to come in the way it did……!” (See

Oh dear, I’m running ahead of myself. The above mentioned problems came a bit later. In “Our Story” we’re now into 1974, while now it is 2014. So before going on, first this: I trust you understand that it is not easy to remember everything of these last 40 years. Considering that  some 24 churches were planted and that we started up a summer camp ministry for children and youth, and that I spoke in at least 40 conferences in more than 15 European countries, and that we went on furlough to Canada at least 10 times for periods of 2-8 months, one time staying 2½ years and helping in starting a new church there, and speaking in churches and conferences in Canada and the USA, and that I had two heart attacks plus a back operation and burn out and that Marina almost died and received a pacemaker just in time. Not to mention the 5 times we moved in Belgium, and every house, except the last one had to be fixed up, taking from 1 to 4 months work. Plus all the buildings we worked on to become usable as churches. So as we seek to remember, we have contact with others who give dates and stories. If any of you would like to help us, it would be greatly appreciated.

One thing I want to mention here yet and that is God’s loving care for us all those years. For example, it was really amazing to see that when the value of the dollar went down, our support went up, and vice versa, without our supporters in Canada realizing what was going on. When we arrived in Belgium we didn’t have that much support, but because the value of the dollars was so high, we had enough. Before we left Belgium we had much more support, but because the dollar had really gone down, from 70 Francs to 24, we had about the same as in the beginning. AMAZING! All the wonderful and at times miraculous provisions from the Lord. God is real! Hallelujah! (Go to Musings)

2 thoughts on “MUSINGS OF AN “OLDER” MAN. Nr.87

  1. Peggy

    It makes me dizzy to think of all the living you’ve done plus so many changes through out the years. Must amaze even you as you reflect on it all! And what a blessing you continue to be in His name. Glory to God!

  2. Yes Peggy, I almost get dizzy myself and wonder how did we do it all, because there is so much more that I didn’t mention. Understand now why we are worn out a bit? Pray that this story will touch some hearts, sometimes I wonder whether it is worth the effort, but I’ll keep on anyway. Thanks for your words. Bless you.

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