Nr.84 ended with: “One day she told a neighbor lady that she was having a baby, which was coming out of her nose……….! 🙂 More next time.” (See

Marina had some interesting experiences, especially with learning the language. She did real well learning Dutch during the six months that we were in Holland. But when we moved to Belgium, she had to start learning again, because they speak a lot of dialects there, and even though the Flemish is Dutch, quite a few French words and phrases are mixed in due to part of Belgium being French speaking. She had difficulties with some of the Dutch words that are much alike and yet mean something different. There were, for example, the words as “vallen” = falling, “valling”= having a cold”, this word is only used in Belgium and southern Holland, “gevallen” = fallen, te vallen = to fall, bevalling = having a baby.

One day I was in the kitchen and the door bell rang. Marina was in the living, closer by and went to the door. She had a terrible cold at the time, with red teary eyes and a running nose. She opened the door and our neighbor lady stood there. She looked at Marina and said, “What’s the matter with you?” Marina answered, “I have a “bevalling” (I’m having a baby) and it’s coming out of my nose.” I heard this and thought I was going to die laughing……….! 🙂 There have been similar incidents, which make life interesting, and sometimes a bit embarrassing.

We continued with evangelism and home Bible studies and more and more people became true born again Christians. The little church kept growing; it was really amazing and exciting to see God working in the hearts and lives of people. Of course, there were problems too, broken marriages and broken homes, ruined lives and other. In some cases we saw miracles happen, lives changed, marriages restored, due to the fact that people surrendered to the Lord and became obedient to Him. But we were not able to help everyone and this was at times heart breaking and caused sleepless nights. And then a door opened to start a second work in a town east of Antwerp called Beerse, how exciting,,,,,,,,! (Go to Musings)

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