Nr.82 ended with: “This is speaking of the Jewish priests, but my Catholic listeners took it to mean their priests, so what now……..?” (See

I explained to them that God no longer dwells in (church) buildings made by hands, Acts 17:24, but that He now lives in every individual believer, 1Cor.6:19 and in all believers together, called “the church”, 1Cor.3:16. Peter says that we, if we are true believers, are being built up as a spiritual house (temple), 1Peter 2:5, 9, and also as a holy (royal) priesthood. In Revelation 1:6 and 5:10 it says that Jesus has made us priests, and this, of course, was a tremendous surprise for these dear people, to hear that if they had truly accepted the Lord Jesus, they were now priests, unbelievable! But I told them not to tell their family or friends because they might think that something had gone wrong with them. 🙂 Imagine, for a Catholic person to say “I am a priest!” And yet that is true and what the Bible teaches.

While still living in Antwerp something happened on a Saturday afternoon. Some of you who have been following this story will remember that I dislocated my right shoulder several times, twice in Bible College and once in California standing high up in the fork of an almond tree with a club in my hands with which to hit the branches and so knocking the almonds to the ground. As I lifted my arms real high my shoulder dislocated again. There I stood, high up in the tree, my left hand holding the right arm, trying to keep my balance and in terrible pain. Someone came with a long pole and put it against my chest to support me. I leaned on it and slowly turned my right arm and amazingly the shoulder knob (head) slipped back into the socket. What a relief! Well, on this Saturday afternoon in Antwerp I dislocated my shoulder again and couldn’t get it back in myself. Marina phoned my co-worker who took me to a Catholic hospital close by, which was run by nuns. They put me out, put the shoulder back in and told me to stay overnight, but there was no bed free, except one, in the maternity ward….……..! (Go to Musings)

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