Nr.48 ended with: “Then I saw a very large bag on the ground filled to the brim with groceries. To this day we have no idea who put that there as no one knew of our need, except God! We had a wonderful breakfast……………!”

Once my back was better I found a job helping to set up a new large Simpson Sears store. I was then asked to stay on and work in the men’s department, where “small” stuff like shirts, socks, ties, etc. was sold. I worked there until June 1967 and enjoyed it very much. One day the personnel manager asked me to come to his office. He expressed his satisfaction with my work and then offered to train me to become a department manager. It was a terrific offer. He asked me what I thought. I thanked him for the offer and then said that I was sorry, but that I could not accept. He looked very surprised and wanted to know why. I told him that I was going to be a missionary. Oh boy, that didn’t sit right. Did I ever get it. He told me I was a fool throwing away a life chance and instead go telling people, who didn’t want to hear anyway, about Jesus. He became very upset and told me again that I was a big fool. Now I had heard this before.

You may remember that people in California offered to put me through university to become doctor. I refused that too and was looked upon as a fool. (See nr.26,27). The wonderful, amazing thing is, that God uses fools! Hah! I stopped working in June when my parents arrived from Holland. We hadn’t seen or talked to each other for 12 years. Transatlantic phone calls didn’t exist then yet, at least not in the places where I lived. What a reunion that was there at the Toronto airport. They had never met Marina and our two little girls. After a few days we all packed into our old Buick and started on our trip West. All the while Marina and I had been and were constantly seeking the Lord as to our future missionary ministry. (Go to Musings)

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