Nr.47 ended with: “I mention this as the Psalm says, “You shall glorify Me.” And so we left knowing that God was in this with us…..!”

After 6 wonderful weeks, and seeing God work in many hearts and lives, I went to work on the farm. Marina and I kept on with meetings, children’s clubs and DVBS’s  in different areas. After the summer Marina had to slow down as something wonderful was coming. On the evening of October 25, while having a prayer meeting in our home, Marina all at once said, Richard it’s time. So I got her into the car and drove to the hospital where some hours later our second little girl, Lily Ann Joy was born, and what a joy she was. A little later we moved to Regina. Missions was still much on our hearts and we were seeking the Lord’s will and guidance. During our time in Regina I held special meetings in some places and I preached in a pastor-less church for several months.

We also got in contact with the New Testament Missionary Union, a mission organization working mainly in South America and Spain. They had an office in Fonthill, Ontario, close to Niagara Falls. During May 1966 we drove to Ontario and moved into a small house that the mission had. There was a small church in which we fellow-shipped and ministered. Because of severe back problems I couldn’t work for a while and so we were trusting the Lord to meet our needs. Some time later I got a job with Simpson Sears, but before that I spent a lot of time in study and prayer with the Mission’s representative. One night before going to bed, Marina and I prayed together and asked the Lord to meet our needs, our cupboards were empty and there was nothing for breakfast. The next morning after getting up I wanted to go outside but had a hard time opening the door. I pushed harder and heard something falling. Then I saw a very large grocery bag on the ground filled to the brim with groceries. To this day we have no idea who put that there as no one knew of our need, except God! We had a wonderful breakfast……………! (Go to Musings)


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