Nr.46 ended with: “After graduating, Marina and I both had a Bible College diploma and we were ready serve the Lord, but where……?” During College students would often get in contact with Mission organizations. After graduating would then join a Mission, do a year of deputation work to get the support they needed and then go to a mission field. We had also had contact with a couple Missions, but we had no freedom to join. We moved into an apartment of friends. I went to worked on a farm. But before that, four young men from the College who formed a quartet and sang beautifully went with me on a tour through Sask. At night we held meetings in churches or halls, where they sang and I preached. During the day we worked for farmers to make some money. However, the day before we left I did not have enough money to leave for my wife and baby and also to cover the first costs of the tour. That night I prayed far into the night, reading God’s word and pleading with him to provide. I was at my wits end, as we would not be able to go if we did not have the money and I was responsible. While reading I came to the words of Psalm 50:15, “Call upon Me in the day of trouble; I will deliver you and you shall glorify Me.” I told the Lord I was in trouble and reminded Him of this promise.

Again and again I prayed, until sometime during the night I received the assurance that He had heard me. The next morning the telephone rang and a far away friend asked whether I had received his letter, I said no. Well, he said, a few days ago the Lord laid it on my heart to send you a cheque, it should be there anytime. And sure enough the mailman had the letter with him that morning. The cheque covered exactly what we needed, while the donor did not know about our traveling plans and our need. God had heard and answered! I mention this as the Psalm says, “You shall glorify Me.” And so we left knowing that God was in this with us…………………..! (Go to Musings)

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