Nr.45 ended with: “The beginning of September we drove to the Bible College where a wonderful thing would happen……!”

It had been another busy summer, but we had experienced so much joy and blessing that it had been worth it all. However, we were glad to get settled in at the College where Marina got a job working in the kitchen which helped pay for schooling and expenses. Until school started I was able to work for a local farmer harvesting. Then the time of studying started again and how I enjoyed the classes and the fellowship. I often sat with tears in my eyes as I drank in the rich teaching and the beauty of God’s Word. Some weekends Marina and I would drive “up North” to the area’s where we had Vacation Bible Schools and where we then held meetings, did follow up with the children and visited the parents. The time seem to fly by and then on March 23 the wonderful thing happened, our first baby was born, a beautiful girl which we named Rosalinda, but for the longest time called Sunshine, as she was so true to that name. To us every baby is a miracle, a bundle of joy and evidence for the Creator. How happy we were. That spring after school was finished we moved to a small town in southern Saskatchewan and pastored a little church while also holding clubs and DVBS’s in different places. Our little Rosa went along everywhere. She would sit quietly in class while Marina was teaching, never fussing or disturbing the lessons. In between classes Marina would nurse her and on we went, wonderful! And the Lord provided in different ways, we were often amazed and so thankful for His care for us. September came and for me the last year of College. We did not live on campus but in a one room apartment in Swift Current, a city about 60 km NW of Pambrun. I drove up and down to school every day and in between sold Fullerbrush in the city, while Marina worked for some women cleaning house. After graduating, Marina and I both had a Bible College diploma and we were ready serve the Lord, but where……? (Go to Musings)

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