Nr.44 ended with: “However in one place, Piapot, at the end of the first day we were at our wits end…….!” We had started on Monday morning with quite a good group of children and it looked like it was going to be a great week, but we didn’t know David, a boy about 9 years old. He was just impossible, interrupting all the time, running around while we were telling a story, pulling the girls hair, fighting with the boys, and just being a terrible nuisance and spoiling it for everybody. That evening after the children had gone home, we called the workers together and held a special prayer meeting. We asked the Lord to either touch David’s heart somehow or keep him away from the school.

The next morning there he was bright and early and he came up to me and said “Teacher, you know what, last night in bed I asked Jesus to come into my heart.” I almost fell over and looked at him and wondered whether he was trying to fool me or what. But the amazing thing was that David was totally changed, he was quiet in class, he treated the other children real good, he was polite and eager to learn, he told the other children to give their hearts to Jesus, it was just incredible! And he went on that way all week, a miracle had taken place and we thanked the Lord on our bear knees. I had experienced that same miracle when I was more than 20 years old, but to see it in a young boy like this was really special. And it wasn’t just David, during the two summer months we saw many children becoming children of God. Now we realize that children can be easily influenced and so we were always careful in explaining what it really meant to allow the Lord Jesus in their hearts, because we wanted it to be real. Many hearts and lives were touched and what a time we will have in heaven meeting all these precious ones. What a privilege to be used by God to change hearts and lives for now and eternity. The beginning of September we drove to the Bible College where a wonderful thing would happen……! (Go to Musings)

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