Nr.43 ended with: “We then started driving home, but….……!”

….half way down the road I noticed all at once that our gas tank was almost empty. Ever happened to you? I whispered in Marina’s ear, we’re almost out of gas, pray! We had no money at all and we had given the 20 dollars to Marina’s sister. How could God provide in the middle of nowhere? As we were driving, actually without my realizing it, my hand went up and felt in the top pocket of my jacket and lo and behold I pulled out a five dollar bill, worth about $35 now. I have absolutely no idea where that 5 dollar bill came from; I just know I never put it there. Are there angels? I believe so. Read Hebrews 1:14. At the next lonely service station we got gas and drove to the farm. We left Marina’s sister there and drove to our home. When we arrived there the Norwegian lady had made supper for us. As I lifted the cup and saucer from my plate, I found 15 dollars. That evening we went to visit the superintendent of the Sunday school in the small town close to us and we planned some activities. As we left he gave us an envelope with 70 dollars. We had given away a 20 dollar wedding present, and had now received 85 dollars back. Is God faithful or not? He is no man’s debtor! Praise His name. “Give and to you shall be given.”

During our stay here we got back in contact with my friends in California, who asked us to come and work for them from March until the end of June. And so we packed up and drove down to California, where we spent a wonderful time pruning peach trees, harvesting almonds and feeding and catching thousands of turkeys ready for market. We made enough money to get us through the summer and into Bible College for the 3rd year. We spent July and August having Vacation Bible Schools in many places and saw wonderful things happening in the lives of children and young people. However in one place, Piapot, at the end of the first day we were at our wits end…….! (Go to Musings)

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