Nr.42 ended with: “….and then on Sunday night late we drove to our small house on the farm. When we got there, the large house was dark, the elderly Norwegian couple was already in bed, while our little house was locked and we had no key…!”

Because it was quite late the couple must have thought that we were coming on Monday. So what to do? The door was like an apartment door, opened from the outside with a key, on the inside with a knob. I noticed a window beside the door which opened by pushing it up. I figured it would be locked, but tried anyway, and sure enough I was able to push it up. It wasn’t very big, but large enough for my little wife to get through. So, instead of carrying my bride across the doorstep, I pushed her through the window, after which she unlocked the door and we were inside, laughing and rejoicing! What a way to start married life, hah! 🙂

We spent six months in that cozy little house. During that time we made trips to the places where we had Vacation Bible Schools to do follow up. We also helped with a Sunday school in a nearby town and I was co-director for Youth for Christ in Swift Current. But most important, I studied a bookThe New Testament Order for Church and Missionary” by Alexander R. Hay. It caused me to really study the N.T. in regards to the church and church planting and it laid the groundwork for our ministry later in Belgium. The Lord continued to provide for us in different ways. We had some interesting experiences. One day we drove Marina’s sister to the home farm. She was on her way to Toronto to a mission organisation, but she did not have enough money for the train fare. We told the Lord that if anything was given to us that morning, we would give it to her. We stopped in at a friend’s place in the city and she gave us a 20 dollar wedding gift, which we immediately passed on to the sister so she could by her train ticket. We then started driving home, but….……! (Go to Musings)

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