Nr.41 ended with: “Then we drove to the print shop to pick up the 250 serviettes they had printed for the reception, but we had no more money left to pay for them and we never bought on credit……….!” I still don’t know why I went in as I could not pay for them. There was a young man behind the counter and I asked him whether the serviettes for Richard and Marina were ready. He looked around and, yes he said, they are right here. I asked him how much they cost. He said he didn’t know and there was no bill with it. He told me that the boss would be back on Monday. All he had was Richard and Marina, no last name, address, phone number, nothing, and yet he let us go. Maybe what was printed on the serviettes was what made him trust us, it said, “Richard and Marina, joined to serve the Lord.” Psalm 121:8. I ran back to the car and told Marina, the Lord charged them for us. On Monday we went back and paid for them.

The next day, Saturday, September the 15th was a beautiful sunny day and we were married in a little church on the prairies, in a very small town called Gouldtown. We had close to 200 guests, which was quite a number as there was no one from my family present. The College principal preached on Is.58:11a, “The Lord will guide you continually.” Marina’s sister sang from Ruth 1:16, “Wherever you go, I will go.” and thus we were “joined together to serve the Lord”, which we have been doing now for over 51 years. And God has been faithful in providing for us for all those years. The ladies of the church had a wonderful lunch prepared for all and everyone enjoyed the wedding cake. We had no money for a honeymoon, except that we stayed in a hotel the first night and then on Sunday night late we drove to our small house on the farm. When we got there, the large house was dark, the elderly Norwegian couple was already in bed, while our little house was locked and we had no key…………..! (Go to Musings)

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