Nr.40 ended with: “We came home the end of August broke and worn out, two weeks before our wedding, while hardly anything was ready……….!”

We were convinced that it was God’s will for us to be married. The prayer which we prayed continually was, “If Thy presence go not with us, carry us not up hence.” Ex.33:15. And we meant this with all our hearts. Before the decision was made, I had spent another whole day fasting and praying in hills close to Marina’s parent’s farm. I had sought the Lord fervently and I had once again received assurance that we were indeed in the center of His will. And now we had two weeks to get everything ready. It was amazing to experience God’s provision of large and small things. When we arrived home at Marina’s parents place, there was some mail with financial gifts, one from my parents in Holland who sent money for a new suit for me. Marina had a beautiful wedding dress given to her to use. An elderly Norwegian couple, who had a farm and some cattle, offered us their hired man’s house, free of rent, if we would only feed their cattle twice a day. But we also saw God’s provisions in smaller things and details. A lady friend baked a three layer wedding cake and one of Marina’s aunts decorated it beautifully. When we went to pick up the cake to take it to Marina’s aunt, we stopped in at dear friend’s place who lived close to the Lord. When we left her, she said that she felt a bit foolish but she had something the Lord had told her to give us. Her daughter had just gotten married and left some stuff at her place. She handed us a paper bag and when we looked in it we found little pillars that support the cake layers, we hadn’t thought of those, neither had anyone else, except the Lord, amazing! Then we drove to the print shop to pick up the 250 serviettes they had printed for the reception, but we had no more money left to pay for them and we never bought on credit……….! (Go to Musings)

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