Nr.39 ended with: “But then the principal’s wife talked to me……..!”

Actually, we met each other outside, I greeted her and she started talking to me, telling me that she had heard that I had wedding plans. I said, yes, and she answered, “But you signed the application papers in which it states that students are not to marry during College attendance. If they do, they must stay out of school for one year.” I looked surprised as I did not remember that part of the application forms. I answered her that we would just have to stay out of school then for a year as we were convinced we were acting in the will of the Lord. She did not seem very pleased! About a week later I went to the principal and asked him whether he would marry us, “I would be delighted to” he answered. I have often wondered what conversation went on between him and his wife! We set the date for September 15.

Between the end of the school year and the beginning of July I worked on a farm and also sold Fuller Brush products and made enough money to get through the two summer months. I was able to stay in my room in the College. During July and August, Marina’s father, Marina herself and I, plus a team of young people held Vacation Bible Schools in 8 different towns all over Sask., as far north as Lac La Ronge, more than 700 km north of  the Bible College. In that town we had up to 125 children of all ages. Our schools would start on Monday morning 9am and stop at 4pm for 5 days, ending with a closing program on Friday night to which all the children and their parents were invited and in which the children had a large part. Those were exciting and blessed times, but also very tiring. We would pack up on Saturday, drive to the next town, set things up and start again on Monday morning. We came home the end of August broke and worn out, two weeks before our wedding, while hardly anything was ready……….! (Go to Musings)

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