Nr.37 ended with: “3. And then there were some curious and interesting things happening………………!”

However, before talking about these things, let me tell you a little bit of what was going on in our hearts and show you just a little of what was in our letters. We hope and pray that some young people will read this and realize how important it is to have God first in their lives and in seeking a partner. Marina wrote me the following:Jesus is very close to me, He is closer than anything ever will be, closer than you will ever be.” And, “I love Him so much, more than I love you Richard, my dearest on earth.” And, “I’m so glad for our relationship which began in the Spirit and is continuing in the Spirit and by God’s grace will always be that way.” And, “Christ has blessed and enriched my life through you. Your letters are such a blessing and draw me closer to the Lord every time.” And, “I look forward to seeing you, the one who has added so much to my life. It is grace that brought us together dear, it is grace all the way!”

Here are some things I wrote to her, “Let us seek Jesus more and more and give Him first place.” And, “You mean much to me, very much, but Jesus means still more!” And, “I long for you, but I long so much more to see God’s will done in our lives.” And, “The Lord has been leading us thus far; there is just no doubt about that. How could we have such fellowship with Him and each other, if we were not walking according to His will?”

We have been absolutely amazed at how God blesses when we give Him first place in our lives, it is really incredible. As mentioned previously, God’s will is good, acceptable and perfect, Romans 12:2. We have been so blessed over more than 52 years that we have to pass this on to you and encourage you to seek Him and put Him first in everything.

Next time the curious and interesting things, divine circumstances, God’s winks……! (Go to Musings)

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