Nr.36 ended with: “Next time, more about this special lady whom I’ve known now for 52 years………….!”

When very young Marina heard the call of God to go abroad. At age 15, she went with her father who organized Vacation Bible Schools in many towns and villages in Saskatchewan where there were few or no Christians. Some of her friends and siblings also went along. After finishing Bible College and then training at the Child Evangelism Institute in Muskegon, Michigan, USA, she became director of Child Evangelism in Southwest Saskatchewan. She started children’s Bible clubs in many towns and villages and taught others how to hold clubs. She also came to the College to teach the students and to get some to come with her on evangelism weekends. One weekend I went along, that’s where it all started more than 52 years ago……………! After that first weekend I went along quite regularly and enjoyed it immensely. As mentioned before, we did not fall in love, we were drawn together by our passion for the Lord and His work. But as we worked together and experienced the Lord’s blessing in the work, love also began to grow. Yet both of us were afraid to go that way, fearing it may not be in the will of God. We wrote a lot of letters to each other and talked whenever possible. We still have those letters, but we won’t let you read them as they are in a sense “sacred” to us, but they give a real good picture of what was going on in our hearts and how the Lord was leading us. Back to discovering God’s will, there were always three things we watched for. 1. The inner voice of the Holy Spirit. 2. God speaking to us through His word. 3. Circumstances. We found that when these three lined up, we would have a pretty good idea of how the Lord was leading. And so it was now also: 1. We experienced the inner voice of God becoming stronger and stronger. 2. Large parts of what we wrote in our letters were verses the Lord was giving us. 3. And then there were some curious and interesting things happening………………! (Go to Musings)

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