MUSINGS OF AN “OLDER” MAN. Nr.34 b, Extra edition.


I wrote in nr.34, “The most important thing in life is the will of God. This world is in such a mess because people chose and choose to do their own will. Heaven is perfect and harmonious because God’s will is done there.”

I want to add something to this before continuing our story. This world is not only a mess; it is evil, very evil. Oh, there are good things in the world, but look at the world in its totality. One would think that after thousands of years we humans would have finally learned to live in peace with each other, but we are further from peace than ever before.  Now, for the first time in the world’s history man has the capability of destroying the whole human race, either through atomic, biological or chemical warfare.

Many people have problems with all the evil in the world, so do I. I get very upset when I see all the suffering, injustice and corruption in this world. But, some ask, where does evil come from? If God created everything He must have created evil too. Just a moment.

What is the last thing you do at night before you leave the living room to go to your bedroom? You turn on the darkness, don’t you? No, you don’t, you turn off the light. Darkness is the absence of light. When we want a room dark, we shut out the light, by closing the curtains for example. Do you get it? This world is dark because we have shut out the Light, God! And just as darkness is the absence of light, so is evil the absence of good. And what or Who is good and the source of all good? God! When we shut or push God out, good disappears and evil appears. For example, in the US God has been pushed out of the schools, no more Bible reading, no more prayer. And what has come in? Drugs, guns, teenage pregnancies etc., in other words, evil. What do we do to lighten up a dark room? We don’t turn off the darkness, we let in the light. What do we need to do to make a dark world light? Let in the Light! What do we need to do to get rid of evil, fight evil? No, let in the good, God. This is true for the world, for a nation and for us individually. Let good in, let God in. Are you letting God in? Are you helping to let God into this world and thus change the world? (Please share, this is important). (Go to Musings)


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