Nr.32 ended with: “I grabbed the steering wheel and said “Well, if I ever get a wife, I want someone who loves the Lord like you do.” We drove back to the College with much on our minds…….!”

Right from the beginning it clicked between us, no it wasn’t love at first sight, neither did we fall in love, in fact it took quite a while before love entered into the picture. It ultimately did and is now stronger than ever, but at the first it was our love for the Lord, our mutual passion for Him and our desire to be on fire for Him, to be all out for Him that drew us together. Plus our strong desire to evangelize, to bring the wonderful story of Jesus to the people. We still have this, this is one reason why I am writing this, hoping that some will be touched by the Holy Spirit.

Marina and I kept corresponding with each other and meeting whenever she came to the College. More and more it seemed as though the Lord was drawing us together. It seemed to be the work of His Spirit to unite our hearts in our love and service for the Lord. At the same time I was struggling as I had done in California when this tremendous offer of going to university to become a doctor was presented. And now again something presented itself, a woman! I wondered whether this also was the work of the enemy trying to get me away from God’s real purpose for me, to preach the wonderful gospel of Christ. Another battle was going on in my heart, what was I to do……..?

What I didn’t know was that Marina was having that struggle too, until I received a letter from her. Here is an excerpt, “I sense the seriousness of this and I have cried out to the Lord like never before, Thy will be done, oh God help me to know Thy perfect will.” We were both very much afraid to step outside the will of God, which was man’s original sin in the garden of Eden. But how were we to know His will…………? (Go to Musings)

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