Nr.30 ended with: “I then asked whether they knew who this young man was. Of course they had no idea……….!”

You may find this strange, but I had given my testimony in such a way that they had no idea I was talking about myself and were very surprised and moved when I told them. When the meeting was finished, the father told the young people to follow our example and not his and his drinking habits. Most of the young people left but a few stayed behind and we could talk with them some more and a couple accepted the Lord Jesus.

The team was able to stay overnight with people Marina knew. On Sunday we went to another town where Marina had a Bible club. We visited homes, inviting people to a meeting in a home. I led the meeting and Marina played the accordion for the singing. Then the lady staff member told about her work as a missionary in Cuba. After that I preached and the Lord gave real liberty, I was amazed. We did some more visitation in the afternoon and then drove back to the College very satisfied with the fruitful and blessed time we had. To me it was a real confirmation of the Lord’s calling me into this kind of ministry. Of course, at that time I did not know that over the next 50 years I would be preaching hundreds of times in such home meetings, seeing many people come to know the Lord and lives being changed, what a thrill. And I really discovered that the pure Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ is indeed the power of God to salvation, and able to change lives.

Marina must have also been blessed as I received a letter from her in which she wrote how thankful she was that I had come along and taken initiative in leading and speaking, which she herself had done in the past, but did not feel comfortable with being a woman. About a month later another weekend was planned and a small team of students went with Marina. I was one of those them ……………..! (Go to Musings)

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