Nr.29 ended with: “One weekend the school sent me and a couple others out with her…….!”

Allow me to go back to episode nr.1 for a moment. I wrote there: “My wife and I were just married 50 years and we have been serving the Lord together all those years. We would like to share some of our experiences and answers to prayer with the purpose of showing that God is really real!”

Up till now it has been about me, how the Lord touched and drew me to Himself. How He called me into His service and led me and provided for me to go to Bible College. But now the story changes, because another person, a wonderful lady called Marina comes into the picture.

On Saturday, she, three students plus a staff member drove about 100 km north of the College to a small town. We did home visitation in the afternoon and two of the team continued on in the evening. Marina had gone to a home where she had a Bible club in the past. Towards evening another student and I went to that home too. One of the children of the family brought in a number, 12 or so, young teenagers. They began playing records and started dancing. Marina asked the father who had been drinking whether we could have a little meeting. He told the young people to be quiet and listen to this lady and her friends. Marina had an accordion along and she and I sang a couple duets, she sang soprano and I tenor, we harmonized perfectly, even though this was the first time we ever sang together. I then told a story about a certain young man who had left home in Holland at age 18 to start a new life in Canada. But he got into the wrong company, began to drink and did other dumb things. Finally that young man got so sick of the way he was living that he gave his life to God and changed totally. I then asked whether they knew who this young man was. Of course they had no idea……….! (Go to Musings)


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