Nr.27 ended with: “A short time later I flew back to Canada, not knowing that there I would have two special encounters………!”

Even though my friends in California were disappointed, as true Christians they realized that I needed to heed the call of God. This did not change our friendship, in fact 2 years later I would again be working for them for about 3 to 4 months.

I arrived back at the college a few days before classes started. And, you might find this strange, but my first surprise encounter was with God Himself. He revealed Himself in a new way to me. For two or three days it felt like I was in heaven, the presence of the Lord was so real, it felt like I could almost touch Him. The experience, one of the highest ones in my whole Christian life, is difficult to describe. I won’t say anymore about it because some might think that they are not as good a Christian because they have not had an experience like that. But I have said before already that God deals with every person in a different way. At the same time, I discovered that the more I give of myself to the Lord, the more of Himself He gives to me. It had been a real struggle in California, but finally I gave myself afresh to God, wanting to do His will, and now He gave Himself afresh to me, wonderful! God is really real and really present! Give yourself to Him totally and you’ll find out for yourself.

The Fall Conference began, lasting from Thursday evening until Sunday evening with many people attended the meetings. Again missionaries from all over the world came and told their stories of God’s working in the lives of people in different countries. At one meeting the principle introduced a young woman who was the director for Child Evangelism in south western Saskatchewan. He called her the hardest working young woman in the province. After the meeting I went to meet her at her display table. I had no idea how special she was, but I would soon find out and both of us would be extremely surprised…..! (Go to Musings)

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