Nr.26 ended with: “They offered to pay all my expenses! I was flabbergasted and almost fell off my chair.…….!” What an offer! I didn’t know what to say. I asked them to give me time to think and especially pray about it, which was fine with them. I thanked them of course for their love and generosity and told them that I was speechless. And so, night after night when the work was done I would be in my trailer reading my Bible and praying, reasoning with God about becoming a doctor, which I so much would like to be and now the opportunity presented itself in such a wonderful way. I told God that He can use doctors, or I could become a missionary doctor and so on. But as I prayed the Lord impressed upon my heart that I was to go back to Bible College to become a preacher. Finally, after a long struggle I submitted to Him and a wonderful peace filled my heart. I told my friends and they, of course were very disappointed.You may know the statement, “Man says, give me tools and I’ll do the job.” God says, “Give me fools and I’ll do the job.” In the eyes of the world I was a fool, to refuse an offer and opportunity like that! Doctors have good salaries, I don’t. Doctors usually live in big, fancy houses, I don’t. Doctors usually drive nice big, new cars, I don’t. But I have something else; I have the inward joy of having obeyed the will of God. I have the joy of having been an instrument in the hands of God to change the lives of many, many people and that, my dear friends is worth more than all the things this world has to offer. I don’t mind being a fool in the eyes of many, I have been called that and I will continue to be that. I challenge you to become a fool for Christ and become an instrument in His hands and experience His peace, power and joy! A short time later I flew back to Canada, not knowing that there I would have two special encounters………! (Go to Musings)

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