Nr.25 ended with: “I had become very good friends with John and his wife, and one day he made me an offer that made me reel………!”

It was so good to be with them. Every Sunday I would go to church with them and then spend most of the day at their house, enjoying good meals and fellowship. I was still a young Christian while they were much older and more experienced in the Lord. We talked and talked. They wanted to know about my family in Holland and the war years and why I had come to Canada by myself and so on. They told about their family and background and experiences, it was just great. The work was hard, but I really enjoyed it. I also was very fond of the mobile home I stayed in right in the orchard with such quietness around me. I had such wonderful times reading my Bible and good books.

During one of my visits with John and his wife, we got talking about the past again and somehow I mentioned that when I was in my early teens I had had a real desire to become a doctor, for two reasons, first, the human body fascinates me (see Youtube, “The incredible human machine”, 9 video’s), and secondly, I would so much like to help sick people. However, that never materialized as I knew my parents did not have the finances for that, and secondly, the Lord had other plans for me, of which, of course, I was not aware of at that time. Then, one day as I was at John’s home again, he all at once turned to me and made me an unbelievable offer. He said that they had come to like me and they wondered whether I would consider staying with them, living in the mobile home and helping them as much as I could and then they would put me through university to as yet become a doctor. I was 21 at the time, so that was still possible. They offered to pay all my expenses! I was flabbergasted and almost fell off my chair.…….! (Go to Musings)

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