Nr.22 ended with: “That’s what faith is all about. He is there, and He can be trusted. He longs to have us know that! What a lessen to learn! And now on to California, USA…….!”

Before California, I have one more thing to share with you in regards to my experience at the Bible College. When I arrived there and met the different staff members, people who had been Christians for many years, I thought they were all saints. I really looked up to them, until one day I discovered that one of the teachers had marriage problems. What a shock that was! Some time later I found out that another had problems with his children, another shock! And to make the story short, I learned many had either one problem or another. Yes, they were saints in God’s eyes, but they were still very human too. And I learned a tremendous lessen, which was, to keep my eyes on Jesus.

Some time later I remembered what the first farmer I worked for after coming from Holland told me one day. He had put me on a big tractor with a large plow behind it and told me to plow a certain field, and, he added, here in Canada we plow straight furrows. He pointed to a tree on the other side of the field and told me, “Don’t take your eyes of the tree until you get to the other side.” I started plowing keeping my eyes on the tree, but in the middle of the field, a very large field, I couldn’t withstand the urge to just quickly look around, and, sure enough when I looked back there was one straight furrow. Pretty pleased with myself I plowed on to the other side, but when I got there and turned around, I looked and saw that right at the place where I had turned around there was a nice little curve. I believe that one reason we as Christians have curves and crooked things in our lives is because we have taken our eyes off the “Tree”, off the Lord Jesus. So let’s remember those words, “DON’T TAKE YOUR EYES OFF THE “TREE” UNTIL YOU GET TO THE OTHER SIDE.” That’s what faith is all about! Now what about California…………? (Go to Musings)

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