Nr.21 ended with: “Why do these happen? There may be different reasons, but let me suggest just one. Once upon a time there were a father and mother who had an eight year old daughter, Christine …….!”

Every morning the father would go to work on the bus, around the corner. Christine would bring him to the bus stop and then run home to go to school. Every afternoon at five, Christine would go to get her father from the bus stop. Her father would always have some candies for her. But this time he told her in the morning that he was out of candies and could not buy any where he worked, so when she would come and get him, he would not have any. That afternoon as the father sat on the bus he wondered whether Christine would be there. The bus stopped, he got out, but no Christine. The father was quite disappointed and started to walk home, when all at once around the corner Christine came running and jumped into his arms. The father was overjoyed and then realized that she loved him not because of the candies but because he was her father.

I think there are times that the Lord takes away our “feelings” (candies), He wants to see whether we love Him because of those feelings, or because He is our Father. Now of course, He knows that, but He wants us to know that too and learn to live by faith, just trusting Him, whether we feel Him or not. That’s what faith is all about. He is there, and He can be trusted. He longs to have us know that! What a lessen to learn! And now on to California, USA…….! (Go to Musings)


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