Nr.15 ended with: “Several positive things came out of this all, but that’s for next time.”

You may wonder how anything positive could come out of a crazy thing like putting a calf in the girls dorm. Well, the first is a very practical one. Even though the school had fire escapes, fire extinguishers and so on, it had never held a fire drill, strange as that may sound. But now, after some of the girls woke up from the fire alarm, thinking it was somebody’s alarm clock, it became clear that fire drills had to be held. Very good!!!

The second thing is personal. Although most of the students and staff thought this had been a good prank and laughed with it, I noticed that there were others who were offended and so I decided to apologize in front of the whole school. So the next day at noon after dinner when announcements were made, I got up and asked whether I could also make one. Permission was given and so I told everyone that this whole thing had been meant as a joke, but that I realized that some had been offended and that I was sorry for this. You have no idea how difficult this was, for me as a young Christian to get up in front of all students and staff members and apologize! I certainly did not enjoy my dinner that day as I sat there with clammy hands eating very little. But what a tremendous blessing that turned out to be in my spiritual life. The Bible says that if we humble ourselves, the Lord will meet us, and He sure did. It was a very humbling experience and it broke some of the old self in me, but that made room for more of the Holy Spirit. That doesn’t mean that I encourage others to put calves in dorms :-), but I do encourage every one to humble himself and the Lord will meet you in a new way. There was a third positive outcome….! (Go to Musings)

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